Collection I

- 4 Hour Coverage
- Digital Gallery
- Solo Photographer


Collection II

Engagement Session -
6 Hour Coverage -
Solo Photographer -
Digital Gallery -
9x6 Album w/ 50 Image Selections


Collection III

- Engagement Session
- 7 Hour Coverage
- Dual Photographers
- Digital Gallery


Collection IV

- Engagement Session
- 8 Hour Coverage
- Dual Photographers
- Digital Gallery
- 16x24 Canvas
- 12x8 Album w/ 60 Image Selections
- Five 11x14 Prints
- Five 8x10 Prints


Collection V

Engagement Session -
9x6 Engagement Album w/ 20 Images Selections -
In-Studio Bridal Session w/ 16x24 Framed Print
10 Hour Coverage -
Dual Photographers -
20x30 Canvas -
10x10 Premiere Album w/ 70 Image Selections -
Five 11x14 Prints -
Ten 8x10 Prints



How much is the down payment?

A.A down payment of $500 is required to secure your date.

How many images are included in the digital gallery?

A.I don't aim or limit you to a number, but depending on the hours of coverage and rituals/traditions expect between 300-600 Images.

Can the Hours be spread out throughout the day?

A.All coverage hours are continuous starting from the agreed start time. Unless under special circumstances, if a ceremony is taking place in the early hours of the morning.

What color cover is the Album?

A.Albums are in traditional black cover. The Premiere Album comes in your choice of color in leather, distressed leather, or linen.

Is the engagement session included in the digital gallery?

A.Engagements Sessions include a full digital gallery.

Can we add/upgrade to the Premiere Album?

A.Yes. Even if you choose a collection without the album and you decide later on after the wedding that you do, yes.